Dunes : Desertification study


  1. It is an IB level Fieldwork and study trip to South Morocco for geography students. It involves units like comparative studies of rural settlements, desertification and urban growth in a developing city. It is an opportunity to feel and experience geography through desert, mountain and oasis landscapes, a coastal town economy and a complex historical city with its culturally rich community. (See attached document on Morocco information)
  2. Fieldwork done in Morocco in April 2002 received very favourable comments from the IB Internal Assessment Examiner. (See attached document)
  3. It gives students an exposure to a third world culture that is rapidly evolving. Morocco is one of the most progressive and stable countries of the Arab world.
  4. It is a secure and physically accessible destination from Switzerland ….. and yet a world apart!

Relevant work conducted on the trip:

  • Desertification (Arid environments)
  • Impact of tourism on culture (globalization unit)
  • Desert landforms (Arid environments)
  • Dune formation and migration (Arid environments) 
  • High Atlas river study (Drainage basins and their management)
  • Comparison between the core and periphery of an expanding urban area in a LEDC (Settlements unit)
  • Landuse in the historical core (settlement unit)
  • Squatter settlements (Settlement unit)
  • General experiences link closely to the core of the IB (Population, Resources and Deevelopment).

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